The dance of self-love and self-esteem


The sun is up, the sky did turn blue later in the day, and I am smiling in my heart!  Let’s see what this kind of cloud is called...stratocumulus.…same as we have had so far this week.   Interesting word ‘stratocumulus’ an accumulation of strata clouds….a way to remember it, yes/no!  When you see clouds rolling over like that, you know there are ‘possibilities’ for a day of rain, snow in the hills or just one wonderful crisp sunny day, which it has been. Magical!

The weather unfolds minute by minute, hour by hour, 24/7 and has been doing so for 4.5billion years.  Amazing!  Just think nothing is ever the same, it appears to be but it’s not.  If you look back on the morning sun-rises on this blog, none of them are the same.  The clouds, colours, textures, speed are never quite the same. Over the years we have observed patterns, compositions and textures of clouds to know what kind of day we might have.  We have accumulated a lot of knowledge and information over the past 200,000 years about the planet and we have a longggggggggg way to go.

Our life unfolds 24/7 from 0-100yrs.  So we are a nano-fraction of the earth’s age.   Just as we do with the weather, we have been observing and thinking about human patterns, actions and behaviours in all kinds of ways over that time. I have been researching, studying, observing my life, and life in general, over the past four years, as I took a kind of sabbatical from my previous life. Our personal cinematic script begins when we are born.  Each day it’s staged on planet earth in our own community, along with the other 7billion people staging their lives in their communities, all in parallel with the earth’s story.  Life is writing the script until you become aware, become conscious of the realisation that you can write and edit your script as you live it. Not live someone else’s script.   Some do it at 17 years of age, some at thirty, others begin at seventy, and some never have the realisation.  The latter could be having a very fine life, but if they are not, it helps to know that you can direct and write your own script and choose the direction you want to go before it’s too late.

At what stage did you become conscious of how you were living your life?  Did you know you could customize your own personal remote control?  You are the creator, engineer and designer of the software, software that has endless possibilities.  You can look into all the archives of your memories, imaginations, dreams, abilities, desires; past, present and future…what would you be looking at?

I have done this exercise personally, and The Possible Self participants have done it. We storyboarded and/or scripted in (our own ways) what we saw and imagined in our archives.  We all came to the same conclusion, that self-love gives breath (and breadth) to our self-esteem in the dance of our lives.  Let’s explore self-love tomorrow!

Almost forgot.  Day 15.  No coffee!
The old self was chatting away in the background about having a cup after breakfast, and again after lunch, but I was not listening. Onwards and onwards I go….

Don’t forget to wear your SMILE!

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