Procrastination & Energy


The sun washed my vista with a white silvery brush this morning and it shimmered and glowed like that for over two hours or so…pure magic!   No coffee needed.

As I walked along the beach this rock became a metaphor for procrastination.  All around us there are open spaces at our disposal. Yet we sometimes dwell inside this rock space accompanied by our past experiences, learnt patterns of behavior, obstructive habits and attitudes that stop our ‘flow’; losses, sadness’s, pains, turmoil’s, terrors that create shocks and tremors in our physical and emotional system throughout our lives, sporadically for some and more often for others.  We might not be concentrating on any one experience but together they just mingle and dance with each other and you cannot get away, you cannot break free.  A party we can’t leave, boring and as miserable as it might be.  Some refer to procrastination as their comfort zone!


We all process ‘our stuff’ differently through artistic expression, therapy, addictions; drink, legal and illegal drugs, pornography, sport, food, work, sex, anger, resentment etc.  Some of us survive and some learn to thrive.  We all keep on keeping on.  The unexpressed ‘stuff’ dribbles into our days and dreams and is part of what we experience of ourselves and is how others experience us too.  We mirror and reflect our living stories from our personal universe to other personal universes all day long;

“There is Tom over there, he seems a bit down today he is glowing at 20%, he might lose his job, Mary is in full flight, she got a raise yesterday, she is glowing at 70%, Sara is glowing at 10% her mind is at her again, Pedro is in love and glowing at 100%, Peter has his blinds closed and has not been out for days, he lost his daughter and grandchildren in an accident, he is glowing -40%, Susie is fiercely angry because her husband cheated on her, she is glowing at -70%, Lucy gave birth and is glowing at 99%, Patrick has prostrate cancer and is glowing at 70%, he is a fighter and will have a full recovery, Tim got a new contract but is not excited ‘cause his lover left him, he is glowing at -20%, Judith got her exams she is glowing at 99%,  Scott painted his house and is glowing at 90%,  Rebecca who lost her leg and arm at birth learnt to swim today and is glowing at 100%, Ado lost his business, family and his dog, he is glowing at -60%, Ralph got busted for possession of cocaine he is glowing at -20% etc.  Sylvie is getting married and is glowing at 90%, Michel is very depressed  and is glowing at -30%.”

We live in an energy field of +’s and -‘s that never turn off.  Your story is made up of energy and radiates all around you.  It’s you and who you are being.  The same for all of us.  A sea of energies where some hide in the rocks, others sit on them, some swim around them, some go ashore to get well, reflect, find solace and the rest of us go with the currents, tides, weather our storms, and bask in the sunshine.

Chapters, acts, sequences and sentences of our personal story can trip us up, hold us up, imprison us, stop us, curb us, haunt us, terrorize us, disable us at various times in our life.  Aspects of the story get repeated over and over again as we move to the next chapter and the next chapter.  We don’t break the cycle.  We could choose to break the cycle.  If not it will accumulate and go on causing further angst.  If you are dishonest, angry, jealous, deceitful, arrogant etc with others, chances are you are also with yourself and it is coming from some where in your story.  We write characters into film scripts based on peoples lives, sometimes you think you see yourself on screen, or aspects of yourself, and you know how the person on screen could change for the better…. but what about your own story?

Yesterday I introduce the ‘P’ coat you wear which is your procrastination attire.  Imagine that rock out there on the sea is that coat, a tad too heavy to wear you think!  Choose to hang it up, not burn it or flush it away, just hang it where you can see it.  Choose to venture further out to sea in your new imaginary coat, call it what you will.  While you are wearing this coat of your elaborate design, do something today that you have never done before:

Get out the opposite side of the bed to your normal side.
Wear clean panties on your head.
Wear your dressing gown.
Put one arm in a sling.
Wear two different shoes.
Find music or a talk station on your radio in a language that you have never heard before.
Make yourself an exotic breakfast and lay it on the best tray in the house…include a flower in a jar.
Put the smallest cutlery you have in the house on the tray to eat your breakfast.
Take the tray to a floor where the sun shines or where there is most light.
Get a pad and pencil and take them to your dining place on the floor.
Sit and have a leisurely breakfast.
Each time you take a bite of food, keep on chewing it as you write one word to describe a thought, image etc that comes to your mind. One word one bite.  Chew very slowly.

The panties are still on your head, your hand is in a sling and you are wearing your dressing gown and odd shoes.  You are eating with an egg spoon and writing a word per bite of thoughts that come into your mind, whilst you dine in the sun/light.


Push away the tray and pad and lay down in the light.
Read your words from your pad and reflect on them.
Close your eyes.
How do you feel?

I did this, this morning, to amuse/entertain myself but to also to explore how changing our patterns affect our behaviors and attitudes about ourselves.

Procrastination is a habit to some, laziness to others and a serious condition that has been developed over time for a lot of people, 20% of the USA population.  Choose to change your daily patterns and see how it affects you.  Do it for three months.  Make a list of how you could change your pattern in small ways to open up other possibilities; write, eat, shake hands with the opposite to your normal way of doing it, walk down the stairs backwards, swim with one arm, chew your food more than normal, wear your shirt back to front, wear two different colored socks, wear mascara on one eye and not the other, wear one ear ring and not the other, switch to cold water during a shower or finish with cold water; it awakens the body etc.

Procrastination needs physical movement not just emotional attention.  If you are doing things different with yourself, the same will happen for you with others.  Creatures of habit are all well and good, but they also create frustration or a feeling of being trapped inside yourself; ”I don’t want to feel like this, I don’t want to behave like that, I know I can do it, I know I can stop playing games with my nearest and dearest, stop hedging my bets, face-up to my vices, start a new chapter.”

Put the knickers on your head and enjoy your breakfast wherever you are, it could be for lunch or supper not just breakfast.  It’s worth a try to get you to smile and help yourself to shift your own energy.

“Promise me you will always remember; You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”  Christopher Robin said to Pooh.  A. A. Milne creator of Winnie the Pooh

“When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,” said Piglet at last, “what’s the first thing you say to yourself?”
“What’s for breakfast?” said Pooh. “What do you say, Piglet?”
“I say, I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today?” said Piglet.
Pooh nodded thoughtfully.
“It’s the same thing,” he said.”  A. A. Milne creator of Winnie the Pooh

“If we are growing we are always going to be outside our comfort zone” John Maxwell

“If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything” Win Borden

©Copyright The Possible Self 2012

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