Procrastination & Perception


A fisherman heads into the suns rays this morning around 6.30am.  He is there almost everyday in and around the same spot.  Obviously he knows something we don’t know!  Later I discovered he was my friends partner whom I was visiting for brunch, he cooked the fish for us.  I had not met him before but he could tell me where I was running and what photographs I had taken that morning.  We had built a perception in our minds of each other without knowing anything about the other.  He liked to fish and I liked to run.  There was a smell of the early morning catch and coffee on my clothes as I walked home.  I didn’t have coffee.  It’s over 30 days now and not even a sip!  The smells, the conversations and the photographs evoked other memories of such wonderful breakfasts I have had on lake shores, islands, by rivers, in homes etc.  I send oodles of gratitude to all those people I shared those memories with.  Hmmmmmmm!  And you, what gratitude do you offer to your universe this March morning?

Later, I got to thinking about a documentary called ‘Buck’ I watched in Italy last night with a young family who has a riding stable there, their friends and mine joined us.  The documentary had that wonderful wholesome ‘feel good factor’ that breakfast had.  Buck Brannaman  is one of those extraordinary men who lives in the core of his own being despite times of torment in his past life.  If you want to know about building a relationship with a horse Buck is your man.  And if you get to understand the making of that relationship then you will get to understand yourself and others all the more.  How we perceive ourselves gets revealed in all we do.  Watch the documentary it really says all you need to know about the ‘essence of life’.  Procrastination would have had no time in Buck’s life.  His life has meaning and he has a wonderful smile that says it all.  If we sit on what we have/want to do through choice we are not living ‘our’ lives….time is ticking by…………

What makes you tick?
What gives you goose pimples on the back of your neck?
What is it that fills your heart with joy?
What is it you most love to do and are good at?
What gives you the greatest pleasure?

Buck loves and understands horses, what do you understand and love?
Consider these questions without including other people in your answers….this is about you and your perception of yourself.  When you have some answers ask yourself why would you ‘procrastinate’ or ‘sit on’ your life?   Would you let another person ‘sit on’ you so you could not get your ‘stuff’ done that is important to you being here on this earth.  I think not…………

“There is no wisdom worth having that isn’t hard won”  Buck Brannaman
“Your horse is a mirror to your soul.  Sometimes you might not like what you see”  Buck Brannaman

©Copyright The Possible Self 2012

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  1. I really like this Áine. It’s great to see you are as enthusiastic as ever. Dermot

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