The Possible Self Testimonials


Sometimes we get stuck in the flow of life around us.  Some of us choose to explore, understand and direct our lives in new ways Here are brief samples of what TPS participants had to say after a one-day workshop:

“I felt very light after the workshop as tough I had let go of ‘stuff’ that I don’t need to carry anymore.” B.G.

“As a result of the workshop I have stepped up a gear in being pro-active about where I am putting my energy.” A.C.

” What a wake up call I had during the workshop, I am living in the last third of my life and it’s now or never to make the most of it, there is no other choice.”T.K.

“I was inspired by the workshop, as tough my own light bulb brightened up a couple of notches.”N.W.

“The workshop helped me to validate who I am and that gives me the push to enjoy life more.” S.P.

“I am on track, and I discovered in the workshop that I have more options than I thought I had to achieve the balance I am looking for in my life.” J.C.

“I am still adding to my ‘tree of life’ at home that I worked on in the TPS workshop.  I now see where the habit of procrastination came from, I understand why, so now I can shift a gear or two in achieving what I wanted to achieve, be more relaxed and focused on what matters.” K.L.

“The workshop was so freeing of the things that trip me up, I could see the pattern and why I was like that.” M.N.B.

“The workshop was very refreshing, if you know what I mean, it was like letting air into your life from the inside out and getting to know your life in a very creative and practical way.” L.G.

I found out in the workshop that I have done a lot in my life and that there is a whole lot more I want to do before the fat lady sings, so I am working on a plan.” A.D.

“I got courage and strength from seeing my own life in front of me in the drawing of my ‘tree of life’.  I can be even more courageous now even tough I may lose my house, my attitude has shifted and I can manage to move forward and be proactive in rebuilding my life now. I have been in worse situations.  I am hopeful and calm.” P.O.D.

“I was never really honest about certain things I did in my life that made me feel ashamed, I could see the repeated patterns in my ‘tree of life’.  I was always trying to hide that part of my life from myself and others, what a waste of energy it is, so I have work to do to break that pattern, so I can be more real and happier in myself.” R.T.

‘The workshop was a gift of joy to myself.  I could see the good and bad in my life from my ‘tree of life’ to now and because the possible self is waiting in every moment as Áinne said, I can choose to have more of the good stuff.  We can be so caught up in ourselves worrying about this and that, that we can miss out on what is right under our noses.” D.S.D.

“I discovered in the workshop that I don’t want to live life with the brake on and do just what is expected of me.  I am denying a whole part of me that I want to experience and I am going after it, life is too short for ‘maybes’ and ‘what if’s’.  O.S.

‘I was amazed that I could see my life in front of me in a visual map in one day, it certainly made me think of what I am grateful for and what I can do to use my time in more productive and satisfying ways, some patterns of behaviour will change over the next few month.” C.M.

‘I was anxious before the workshop, but within 30 minutes I was engrossed in the TPS process and the day flew by and I felt better than I had been in years about my life.  I could see there was always hope and resolve to all the tribulations at different stages in my life and I managed to have integrity in all I did.  That gave me hope and courage to mange what is happening right now.” G.T.C.

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