Staging Your Life


Our life-time in this physical body between our first and last breath is where we stage our life.  The cast of players we join begin with the family we are born into; their cultural, spiritual, creative, social, political, imaginative and financial story inherited from their parents.  We sometimes adapt, change, lose and or expand aspects of that story with time, if we have the personal and or the public freedom to do so.  A continuous inherited clan story of events, people, places and emotions that give us a sense of belonging and place as a child and young adult with its good and bad experiences. Your early life-story frames ‘your perception’ of the world that is ever-changing.

Our stage expands as we individuals expand our horizons. We develop new perceptions and understandings of ourselves and the world around us as we experience new events, people, places and emotions.  We live through all kinds of emotional, political, social, spiritual, creative, imaginative and economic changing weather patterns, surviving at various times and seldom do we thrive in balance in all areas of our life.

Change is constant, in us, around us, in our community, country, continent, planet and universe. No day is the same.  We are not always aware of the changes that are taking place as we try to anchor ourselves long enough to know what is happening and how we might react, adapt or adopt to the change.  Our concept of time drives the chapters of our lives as we age from cradle to grave.  We are not always conscious of the transition from the past minute to the present one and to the one that is to come. Yet the chapters of our lives are only obvious from the chronology of our life-story to-date.

Each day we have the option to perform differently on our world stage, if we are ‘aware’ of who we are being.  Of course this applies to we the very privileged people who write and read blogs who are physically secure in our world; without war, poverty, strive or illness.  We can choose to not waste this life in serving just our own needs and desires. Standing in the other wo/mans shoes and seeing life from her/his perspective motivates us to being in the service of others who are still struggling for food, water, justice, peace, wellness and joy.  Being aware of how we live and share planet earth’s abundance and our effect on its health is also a reflection on how each one of us perform on our own world stage and as a global family on the world stage. Everyone and everything matters. It’s all connected and until we each  learn to become consciously aware and responsible for our own performance each day knowing our heritage, gene pool and  experiences, life will not really change for all our global citizens.

Adapting to change and transitions is an ever-ending process in our private and public life-story, both affecting the other with various levels of great and not so great vibrations and impacts.  Managing our lives through constant change is a balancing act that some are great at, some are mediocre at and some thrive on.  We are a constant work in progress all of our life and there are times we want to reflect and evaluate on how we are doing and how we would like to direct our energies and resources tomorrow and for our future.

We are writing and living our life-story to the day we die. Some of it we write, some of it others write and some of it life writes as we react to life situations as they happen.  Some of us are consciously aware of who was writing our story as it happened, is happening, and some are not.  If you were to read your life-script to-date, whatever age you are, wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now, could you understand and accept the character you are playing on your world stage?

What emotions are you feeling? What is your purpose in life today? Is that purpose serving you or others, or both?  Is it good for you and them?  How empathic, compassionate and loving are you towards yourself and others?  What suggestions would you have for your character based on your experiences to-date? How would you hold yourself in your arms and what words of love would you whisper in your ear to give you the confidence to continue to evolve and blossom in your life? Are you wearing masks to take you through your day?  If so, why?  When are you being your ‘known self’, your ‘authentic self’, your ‘evolved self’? How many selves have you? Which serve you best in your life? Are you confident in how and what you do in your life? Are you mean, economic or generous in how you are spending your precious years?  How many have you left?  How do you want to spend them?

We are what we say, touch, hear, smell, taste and know. We express it each day through our behaviours, patterns, habits and actions in all that we do. How we each perform each day on the world stage effects and affects the energy of the planet and the people who live on it.  We are all connected in all that we say and do producing currents of positive and negative energy fields  between us.  How we each perform each day matters.  How we react to and manage change matters.

If you are going through a transition in your life; finishing college, getting your first job, becoming a parent, children are leaving home,  getting married, getting divorced, the beginning of a new relationship, the end of a relationship, moving in with your lover/partner, separating from your lover/partner, reacquainting yourself with your partner when the children have left the nest, packing up your home and moving elsewhere, bankruptcy, starting a new company, getting a new job, losing a job, retiring, going back to work, recovering from a serious illness, in the best physical shape you have ever been in your life, starting work for an exhibition, after an exhibition, lost a loved one, selling your assets and starting again, re-inventing yourself or don’t know what to think or do next; maybe its time to pause.

The Possible Self company facilitates you to go through that creative process of life evaluation and  reflection in a private retreat anywhere in the world.   Bookings:

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,                                                                                Love like you’ll never be hurt,                                                                                                                  Sing like there’s nobody listening,                                                                                                            And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
William W. Purkey.

‘You’re on stage and cued for living;  lights, camera and action……..”  Áinne Burke

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