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Cosmos 10 +

What’s happening in your personal-universe?


The Possible Self, TPS, 2015 Dublin City Center  ‘Me Workshop’ begins in February 

The ‘Me Workshop’ is:

– A one-day group workshop February 14th, 8.30am -6pm for a maximum of ten people from any background or stage of life each working on their own visual-map of their life-story.

– A one-day group workshop February 21st, 8.30am -6pm for a maximum of ten business owners/directors, each working on their own visual-map of their company-story.

-Private one to three day workshops for individuals or company owners/directors by appointment.

Neither therapy nor counselling. The Possible Self ‘Me Workshop’ is an innovative and practical way/process for individuals to explore their private-life or their company-story. They explore and discover the events, people, experiences, behaviours, attitudes, habits and patterns that have shaped, nourished and guided them or their company to date, good and bad, and sets out the possibilities for the future.

The one-day workshop is an introductory level of the process. Each person will produce their own personal life-size visual-map of their personal or company -story. They will get a sense of where they are in their life and how they feel about it.  They imagine and articulate where they want to concentrate their attention and resources now and the possibilities for their future.

Company or business owners can attend both days getting to know where they are in their personal-story on day one and doing the same for their company-story on day two.  The process is the same for both. Participants evaluate if their private and business/company lives are in harmony with each other or not and what they could do about it.

”Reacting to life as you experience it without a compass or plan works for some in their personnel and/or work life. We are the same person no matter where we spend our days and nights. Our behaviors, attitudes, habits and patterns affect ourselves, those around us and the work we do, no matter who we are or where we live, ” explains Áinne Burke the founder of ‘The Possible Self’.

”Most of us have arrived at a place in our lives where the rehearsal is over and we don’t want to repeat behaviours, attitudes, thoughts and habits that no longer serve the person we know we can or could be and the life we can and would like to experience. Taking time to explore, discover, and reflect on who you are being and the possibilities for development, celebration and change is a gift to yourself and to those around you. The Possible Self workshops facilitate and support that process.”

For further information and to reserve your place email

We look forward to meeting you.


Life is a journey, an adventure.
An adventure between the first and last breath.
Ours is a human story: an individual perception and sense of self; the people we share it, their personal experiences in exchange with ours and about the planet on which we live.

Living consciously and knowing your own personal story with an awareness of your attitudes, actions, behaviours, habits and patterns facilitates you in making the adventure a more connected, inspiring, colorful, creative and stimulating so that you live life with purpose and meaning.

How are you doing in the twists and turns of life?  If you are considering participating in The Possible Self ‘Me Program’ workshop you might like to know what to expect.

Your co-participants:
There are men and women of various ages from thirty years upwards and from different backgrounds and industries: education, entertainment, media, art, music, home makers, technology, engineering, medical, law, finance, PR and marketing, civil service, corporate business etc.

Some people come because they are in transition: leaving or starting a new job; changing careers; retiring; losing their home, partner or business; starting a new relationship or business; going to live in a different county or country; having a mid-life crisis; children have left the nest; they are floundering from one event to the next; lost or stuck in their life and just can’t find a way to excite themselves about their life.  There are those who are reasonably content with their lives and want to reflect on or evaluate their life to-date and see if there is any part that could do with a good spring-clean, development or change.

The reasons to come to a TPS workshop are many and personal to each person.  One thing they all have in common is that they are very interested in their own lives and how they effect their own well-being, and that of their loved ones around them. All parts of their lives!  They work out how to make the shifts and changes that will give them more purpose, peace, pleasure, personal and emotional security, joy and meaning in their lives.  They get to know how they develop and manage that change through all the ups and downs of life as it continues around them.

There are never more than twelve people in a five-day workshop and up to 15 in a one-day introductory workshop.  The one-day workshop is a mini version of the TPS process and the five day workshop is a residential complete immersion in the process.

The introductory one-day and or the five-day workshop is divided in five parts:
1.    Sensory awareness and development
2.    Knowing your story: the past -your life to-date from birth to now
3.    Owning your story:  the present -the now in your life
4.    Directing your story: the future  -your next chapter/s
5.    Your personal life plan

Workshop structure
In a studio space each person works alone on a long table that represents their life-line in a group of fellow travelers.  Everyone in the group is doing the same work as you are, which creates a sense of camaraderie in the workshop.  You use photographs of yourself that you have brought to the workshop to jog your memory, so that you can chart the various periods to-date.  You photograph your work daily so you have a record of the various stages of progress.

You are facilitated through an innovative process over one-day or five-days to create a visual sense of your years to-date and your next chapter/s on your personal ‘Tree of Life’: the people; events; emotions; places; sensory memories; dreams and imaginings; nature and play experiences.  Everyone in the group is sharing in that process of getting to know their own personal life story.  Sharing common aspects of your story happens at various times during the workshop, formally and informally, which creates an atmosphere of a shared humanity.  A series of exercises are used each day in the development of sensory awareness and expression which helps to create your ‘tree-of-life’ and get you in touch with how you respond to your inner and outer world of memories and everyday experiences.

In a one-day workshop you experience a very short version of that process and in a five-day workshop you have more time to spend on each stage of the process; the past, present and future of your life.

I meander………..
Everyone has ‘stuff’ good and bad that has been woven into the fabric of his or her life.  In a TPS workshop of the ‘Me Programme’ you get to create it, see it and begin to understand how it got woven in that way with those colours, textures and threads as the cloth lengthens.  Life is where it is now.  You can’t change the past. You can learn from your years of past experiences when you know your own story and use it as your own personal library.  Celebrate the experiences because they have taken you to where you are now good and bad, and you are still alive to tell the stories.  You will know what you want in your life and you don’t, once you see your ‘tree of life’ to-date in front of you.  As the weaver of your own destiny, you can now choose the colour and texture of the threads to weave the next part of your fabric of life based on what you have woven to-date; what you have come to know about yourself and what you now want to achieve in your life.

In conclusion you may not change anything about your life and you might do, but the essential part you can achieve is to become aware of and change your own attitudes, thoughts, behaviours, habits, patterns and self-talk that does not support the life you want to live and go after what does. Take the courage to know and start that process and the way you perceive life will change for yourself and those around you.  When individuals make these changes they effect all those around them; the atmosphere, communication and relationships. It all begins and ends with our own self and that self always has the possible self there for us in every minute of our lives.  What is it saying to you?

Contact for information, bookings and registration on upcoming workshops.

“Look for the opportunities in the difficulties, not the difficulties in the opportunities.”  p

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”  St. Francis of Assisi

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”  T.S. Eliot, journey, adventure
“An optimist expects his dreams to come true; a pessimist expects his nightmares to.”  Laurence J. Peter

“People get what they want in life when they reach the point at which they can see themselves having what they seek.”  Thomas D. Willhite

“The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good.”  Brian Tracy

“The future is simply infinite possibility waiting to happen. What it waits on is human imagination to crystallize its possibility.”  Leland Kaiser

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”  Karen Ravn


All life on planet earth is energy.

Every form of life; animal, plant, water, food, the fly on the wall, the snake in the grass, the fuel in your car, you and I and the other 7 billion+ people living on planet earth are interrelated through energy.

I love that magical moment in the morning, when the Sun that was formed some 4.6 billion years ago, peers up over the horizon and radiates its warm golden glow over all of us at different times, on different continents on the same day. It lights up our world.  We depend on it to rise and fall every day, week, month, year and generation after generation.  The Sun powers planet earth that we collectively live on.  Its energy fuels all life.

How do we humans spend the energy we receive from the sun each day to live our lives?   We, all seven billion of us, to a lesser or greater degree, trade, share, use and abuse this natural currency to experience life from birth to death.

We trade our emotional energy every day as a result of the events we experience.  Emotions that make so feel and behave in different ways towards ourselves and those around us:  affection, anger, angst, anguish, annoyance, anxiety, apathy, arousal, awe, boredom, contempt, contentment, courage, curiosity, depression, desire, despair, disappointment, disgust, distrust, dread, ecstasy, embarrassment, envy, euphoria, excitement, fear, frustration, gratitude, grief, guilt, happiness, hatred, hope, horror, hostility, hurt, hysteria, indifference, interest, jealousy, joy, kindness, loathing, loneliness, love, lust, outrage, panic, passion, pity, pleasure, pride, rage, regret, remorse, sadness, satisfaction, shame, shock, shyness, sorrow, suffering, surprise, terror, trust, wonder, worry, zeal and zest.  

We can be as powerful as the sun in our personal and public universe; by the way we radiate and express our emotional energy in the space around us as we wake-up and go about our day.  Emotional energy can make so feel good and/or bad with varying degrees of intensity depending on what is going on in our lives at various times of our lives.  They ebb and flow like a river changing our moods, habits and behaviors.  We are sensory beings.   The emotions we feel drown us and nurture us at times.  They make us feel very alive.  They cast dark shadows across periods of our lives.  They freeze us at times.  They bring hope and wonder.  They spark our creativity and imagination.  They create wars and prejudice.  They create pain and laughter.  They hurt us and cure us.  They drive and deter our ambitions and desires.  They create inertia and apathy.  They make us happy and sad.

We are always an ‘on’ energy ’til the day we die.  So, do we merely react to lives events all of our life or do we manage or control them once we have had enough of a rehearsal of life.

Depending on where and when you were born, the parents, family, friends, the formal education, culture, moral and economic background, country events you experienced in the first quarter of your life, dictates how you will react to life on your own terms in the second quarter of your life.  Will you conform to what you have come to know and live according to their beliefs, behaviors and habits or will you risk a journey of self-discovery that will expand your responses to the world around you?  Where will the journey take you?  Is this stage of life a rehearsal to knowing how you personally experience the world or will this be the course you will take for the rest of your life?  And when you get to three-quarter ways in your life will you assume a cynical attitude as a result of your lives experiences of disappointments or will you still be passionate about the possibilities for change in yourself and the world around you.  Will you always have hope?  Life is no longer a rehearsal, it never was and you did accumulate some experience to know what you like and don’t like, what works for you and does not, what you are passionate about and makes you feel alive.  You have invested time in all you have experienced and time is ticking by.   Whatever stage you are at ask yourself the following questions:

Do I make conscious decisions about my journey?

Did I ever think of life as a journey?

Do I have full awareness of how I am reacting to life?

Do I just react to life on a daily basis with no real plan, vision or goal and let it take me where it will?

Am I aware of how I spend my emotional energy on a daily basis?

Which emotional energy do I feel most days?

How does it make me feel?

How does it affect my body?

Why is that?

How intense is that feeling?

Where is it coming from?

When did I first feel it and how has it intensified over time?

How do I manage it?

Does it manage me?

What can I do about it?

An Exercise from The Possible Self ‘Me Program’

1. Observe your emotional energy for twenty-four hours as tough it was a movie and write your observations.

2. Then dialogue with the observed you and the watched you and see what they have to say to each other.

It’s interesting to know how you ebb and flow each day and get to know yourself better.  Then you can make shifts and changes just like a director does on a movie set.  You get to know what makes you tick!   You become aware and more conscious about life in general.  Your life matters!  It affects all of us.  We are a global human energy that can turn up and down the mood dial at will that can affect our dog, cat, plant, fellow human and maybe even the weather!

Knowing how you are living and feeling your life is the first step in personal awareness and responsibility.  How you feel tells you what is going on for you in your life and you are its director.  Emotional energy is a powerful force.  Like all weather patterns it cannot always be predicted.  Storms, hurricanes, rain, blue skies and sunshine are in constant motion, always shifting.  Our emotional lives are much the same.  The grace is in how we live it and manage it as it ticks by.

By the way I started this blog one year ago, give or take a day.  I stopped drinking coffee and haven’t had a sip since then.  Now, anything is possible.  Hmmmmmmm!

Áinne Burke

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
― Marilyn Monroe

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
― Mae West

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”
― Narcotics Anonymous

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein

“To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest citizens and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one’s self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived—this is to have succeeded.”
― Bessie Anderson Stanley, More Heart Throbs Volume Two in Prose and Verse Dear to the American People And by them contributed as a Supplement to the original $10,000 Prize Book HEART THROBS

“There is a saying in Tibetan, ‘Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’
No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

“Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an intelligence and make it a soul?”
― John Keats, Letters of John Keats

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
― John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America

“Cynics are simply thwarted romantics.”
― William Goldman, The Princess Bride


As the sun sparkles and shines on the morning bay our local fisherman is heading out to work for the day.  You could set your clock by his coming and going.  The only time he is not out there is in bad weather.  He doesn’t have to fish for a living.  I have gotten to know him and his partner as I pass their home almost every day when they are getting up.  He does it because he likes to have fresh fish for his family and friends.  He loves being out there.  He says that if there is something you like to do, you just do it; it becomes a habit in your daily routine.

We once talked about whether habit was the same as discipline and he reckons it is.  The discipline creates a routine and he thrives on routine.  He has no alarm, he gets up and does the same thing almost every morning.  His partner appreciates that kind of discipline/habit as it also structures her morning.  She gets up paints, the catch of the day arrives at noon, they cook lunch together and most days friends join them.  Their day goes into a nice slow meander; after three o clock they read, he looks after his boat, chats with his friends who also have boats, she continues to paint, they go for a walk, a swim in the summer months, meet more friends and family for an aperitif at 6.30pm, home for supper and bed by ten o clock.

Their lives were not always like this.  He was a doctor in a country practice and his partner was the local art teacher.  They always wanted to live by the sea together.  As soon as their children from separate families were finished college they moved to the coast and are very, very content with their lives eighteen years later.  They are in their late sixties now and both of them say that you can achieve anything you set your mind to if you have courage, tenacity, discipline and in their case oodles of love for each other.  You can achieve anything, any time in your life if it is a burning desire or something that will put a smile on your face.  Once you smile ‘that’ kind of smile you will always want more of it.

So what does wikipedia have to say about self-discipline?  Self-discipline can be defined as the ability to motivate oneself in spite of a negative emotional state. Qualities associated with self-discipline include willpower, hard work, and persistence.  Self-discipline is the product of persisted willpower.  Whereas willpower is the strength and ability to carry out a certain task, self-discipline is the ability to use it routinely and even automatically (as if through reflex).  An analogy for the relationship between the two might be defined as follows: Where willpower is the muscle, self-discipline is the structured thought that controls that muscle.  In most places it is believed self-discipline is the ultimate path to success.

What do you want to achieve?
What are your goals?
What kind of shape or way of life do you want to live?
How can you make small shifts that improve the quality of your existing life?
How do you get from where you are now to that place you want to be in?

Whether it’s health of mind or body you want to achieve, to be less angry, closed or judgmental, write that book, build that website, start that business, close your business, move house, move country, separate, divorce, marry or live together, take that trip or just take time out and travel the world, make that call that will change your life or a part of it, create that photographic archive, make that career change, be more loving, kind or trustworthy, be more generous; don’t wait to be asked to help, take that course or workshop, open-up to the world and yourself etc.

You can wish and think about ‘it’ forever, it’s only when you choose to make your desires, thoughts or wishes a goal and apply action, courage and discipline will you achieve it.  It’s as simple as that or you choose to stay living a mediocre life because you are too lazy, not motivated or inspired by life or your life in general.

How did you develop the habits you have that are good for you?
Is there or was there discipline involved?

Assess the ways you are disciplined and see how you can apply it to the parts of your life that will help you to achieve your goals.  Remember life is no dress rehearsal, you are on stage everyday publicly and privately, how do they differ?

Make your day a wonderful memory!

“Discipline imposed from the outside eventually defeats when it is not matched by desire from within.”  Dawson Trotan

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”  Aristotle

“The problem with patience and discipline is that it requires both of them to develop each of them.”  Thomas M Sterner

“Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got.” Jim Rohn

“Discipline is remembering what you want.” David Campbell

“Pity the man who inherits a million and isn’t a millionaire. Here’s what would be pitiful, if your income grew and you didn’t.” Jim Rohn

“The most powerful control we can ever attain, is to be in control of ourselves.”  Chris Page

“When a child hits a child, we call it aggression.
When a child hits an adult, we call it hostility.
When an adult hits an adult, we call it assault.
When an adult hits a child, we call it discipline.”
Haim G. Ginott  -That is not the self-discipline we want to cultivate in this world of ours.

©Copyright The Possible Self 2012

©Copyright Danielle Maxwell

Oh to be courageous

When the sky is falling in

Oh to be honest to see it

Oh to have the perseverance to hold it up

And, oh to have the zest for life and not get gobbled up!

The sky has been falling since 2008

The news spread far and wide.

And then it reached home

Your home

My home

Their home

Our homes

Your village

My village

Their village

Our villages

Your town

My town

Their town

Our towns

Your city

My city

Their city

Our cities

Your country

My country

Their country

Our countries

Your mind

My mind

Their mind

Our minds

What would happen if we had the courage to let it fall in and get gobbled up by the wolf as in the story of Chicken Licken?

Who profits?

Who falls?

But what about you, them, theirs and me!

What happens to us?

The minions of us who work in e.g. education, health, the arts, maintenance services, manufacturing, engineering, construction, innovation, farming, retail, finance, private and public banking, the pickers in the worlds largest garbage dump in Rio de Janeiro are all part of the global stew, and wolves love stews.  What about us?

  • Those of us, who sweep the floors, clean and polish the windows.
  • Those of us, who manage those who sweep the floors, clean and polish the windows.
  • Those of us, who profit from companies we own who supply the people, who sweep the floors, clean and polish the windows.
  • Those of us, who contract our companies to other companies to sweep the floors, clean and polish the windows.
  • Those of us who re-invest our profits from our companies to construct the buildings that own the companies, who are contracted to other companies to sweep the floors, clean and polish the windows.
  • Those of us who invest profits from our companies in the earth’s natural resources that supplies the raw materials to build the buildings, the brushes to sweep the floors, materials to clean and polish the windows.
  • Those of us who invest profits in the earth’s natural resources from the profits of our companies to feed, clothe and house us so we can own more buildings and companies to sweep the floors, clean and polish the windows.
  • Which of us control and own the natural resources below our feet and the economic world sky above our heads that keep us sweeping floors, cleaning and polishing windows to keep the fires burning?
  • Which of us are advising and directing the governments who set the rules to manage the sky so that we can keep on sweeping the floors, cleaning and polishing windows on the global stage?
  • Do we have the courage to want to know ‘the games’ that are being played with our profits, sweat and wit on our behalf as we continue to sweep the floors, clean and polish the windows?

What courage we have all demonstrated getting up each day of our life, going to work, selling our time and knowledge for cash to live our lives, educate our children, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  The more we got the more we wanted.  Like the wolf we gobbled it all up and the roof is still falling in.

What now Mr. Wolf?

Who is next?

Where can to-days Chicken Licken and her followers go to tell that the roof is falling in and who has the courage to help them not get gobbled up?  What can be done?  Do you know?  Do I know?  Do they know?

Courage like the possible self can work for or against you……courage to get what you want at any cost, to be the greedy person or not.  It’s all a choice.  Courage to make changes that effect your life and those around you, courage to be the possible self that can radiate compassion, empathy, love, generosity, gratitude, trust and kindness as the sky falls and as we put scaffolding under it.  How we are behaving, what we are saying, what we are doing, what we are thinking matters in times of change and challenge.  It takes courage to see the possibilities and potential and even more so to take action, bold action to make a difference when our own roof is falling in.

©Copyright The Possible Self

Chicken Licken Story


‘If the earths’ sun is a star how come we don’t see it at night?’ asked Lootie of her big sister Heather as they brought warm milk to the cats in the barn on the other side of the farm.

“You be the sun and I will be the earth.  You are the nearest star to the earth.  You spin and I spin.  At night-time we are turned away from you so you shine on the people below our feet on the other side of the world and in the day time we are turned towards you so you are above our heads.  The earth rotates on its axis as it journeys around the sun giving us night and day.”

“ Yeah but…………..went on Lootie……..

Last weekend I was at supper in a friend’s house and the grandfather of the family who is eighty-two, a very gracious, charismatic and a kind man, asked the same question Lootie asked her sister Heather and there was silence at the table.  The conversation earlier on was about the new images on national geographic about the monster tornado on the sun that his niece showed us.

One of the guests piped up in astonishment,  “Didn’t you go to school Daniel?”

“I did but none of that interested me then, and it does now,” said Daniel.

One guests tried desperately to show off all he knew and got into an argument with another guest.  They controlled the dinner conversation without any sensitivity towards Daniel’s question nor did they leave ‘space’ for an input from the rest of the guests.  Daniel told us it took great courage to ask that question and now he was off to his bed none the wiser because there were too many know-it-alls at the table.  He needed to hear Lootie’s and Heather’s conversation………

Daniel was the most interesting person at the table in my estimation.  He had been telling stories of the local village and the people who had lived there; farmers, bakers, butchers, shopkeepers, families, writers and artists mostly.  He had a way of telling a story too that was intriguing.  Italian was his first language and he spoke four other languages which he used so everyone at the table could be included in the story as it unfolded.

According to an entry in Wikipedia courage includes, bravery, perseverance, honesty and zest.
Which of these human strengths do you have?
Are you a courageous person all the time, some of the time and why is that?
Do you have the courage to remove the masks you wear and let the world and you see what goes on behind the masks?
When do you remember being your most courageous?
Why are you courageous?
Why are you not courageous?
Do you stand up for what you believe in or do your let others do it for you?
Do you have the courage to own up to your faults and greatness?
Do you feel truly alive and have a zest for living?

Courage is all around us: on the streets, in homes and in minds.  Watch out for signs of it in your own life and in the world around you this week.

I had forgotten to say last week that I have had no coffee since the 1st of February and no alcohol in three weeks.  Our friend whom we are supporting in not partaking in alcohol is doing real well in the Hippocrates Institute.  (she had many health issues).  Are we being courageous in our resolve?  Yes we are with a huge amount of tenacity, love for each other and ourselves, friendship, humor and imagination.  Our courage is working for all of us.  How are you doing in your resolves?  Remember it’s a day by day thing!   Keep on smiling whatever you are doing.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” Ambroise Redmoon.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tsu

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”  E.E. Cummings

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin

“If you care about something you have to protect it – If you’re lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.”  John Irving,

“Creativity takes courage. ” Henri Matisse

“Courage is found in unlikely places.” J.R.R. Tolkien

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” Albert Einstein

“It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.” Mark Twain

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Andre Gide


Another brand new day and the stage is set once more for another meandering blog.  I have no idea when I sit to write where it’s going to take me.  But, I do it anyhow and would strongly recommend you starting a blog as it’s fun, you discovered a lot about yourself, and it allows me to explore the challenges clients have during the Possible Self programs.  It’s also a great discipline, so thank you readers for your support,  thoughts and comments thus far.  My daughter tells me to make them shorter, I try but the stream of consciousness takes over, maybe over time that I will manage to do so…………..

No coffee for the 36th day.  Lemons are on my menu these past few weeks as they are growing in the garden where I live.  To pick a lemon, savor its smell and texture is a pure delight.  The smell is awesome and it fades very quickly once it sits for an hour or so.  So I pick and use them immediately to make breakfast:  Grate an apple or pear in a bowl, grate the zest and squeeze the juice of one freshly picked lemon and add to the apple, pour on some organic apple juice, add your muesli mix maybe five desert spoons, mix through add more juice to your taste, of ‘sloppiness’ or not, toast a tablespoon of pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, chi and flax seeds for taste, mix with another desert spoon of the same raw seeds and sprinkle on top…..divine…..especially if you sit in the sun and wash the sun’s performance on the bay before you start your day.  Enjoy!

Imagine you are about to come into frame bottom left of todays  photograph in your boat and you are going to head around the mainland and exit top left to begin a years voyage of the Mediterranean.  All your worldly goods are on your boat.  You have given away everything you accumulated over your lifetime, sold your house, car etc.  You have a comfortable sum of money available to you once you have paid off any debts etc. to explore being totally on your own.  It’s your gift to yourself.  You have music, movies, books, drawing and painting material, writing and photography equipment, including a dark room, a musical instrument of your choice, the internet once a week on a Friday for two hours, a radio, no other access to your computer except to write.  The boat can be whatever kind of boat you desire, so long as you have learnt to handle it with ease.  It has all the comfort and gear you need to enjoy the sea and to exercise.  Going on to mainland is your choice for a day or days at a time but you return every evening to your boat.  You keep a diary and take photos everyday.  Your diary  will be published and distributed worldwide.  The income from the book gives you enough cash to choose another year doing something else or maybe the same but in a different place.

How vulnerable would you feel thinking about this possibility?  Some people are water people others have no interest at all and prefer solid ground under them.  Others would prefer; the desert for a year, trekking in the Andes, horse riding the slopes of Russia, back packing in Indonesia, living on a remote island in the Pacific, a cottage in the west of Ireland, a vineyard in California or Italy, a city on the opposite side of the world, walking in Canadian forests, driving a motor bike across China, Russia or the USA, filming art, and or nature worldwide and some have no inclination to move at all.

No matter where we are or what we are doing we live inside one body, mind and spirit.  It’s our personal terrain made up off many scapes, one day it’s a desert, a sea, a mountain, a forest, a busy city, a shoe box of darkness where we are our own prisoner, a well of magical dreams and creative ideas, and other times it’s a pasture in the sunshine.  The terrains grapple with financial, health, family, work, relationship, friendship, intellectual, creative challenges that can be positive and or negative energies that flow through our being.

How do you handle, cope, manage, live with and express your vulnerabilities?  You take them with you wherever you go!

Imagine you are standing in front of 1,0000 people and they have all come to hear you talk about your published diary of your voyage on the Mediterranean.  Your story warts and all is out there in the public domain.  You hadn’t realized that so many people liked and were interested in your diary.  You are very nervous and had not anticipated this moment.  You are struggling to find the voice from your diary but it just won’t come.  As the crowd applauds your entrance on the stage you have no option put to put up an image on the screen to distract your nervousness.  It’s a photo series of a treacherous, frightening night where there was a storm and you felt you would not manage to secure the boat, there was no time to call for help, it was you against the elements.  The crowd was silent.  Your recorded voice was playing over the photographs.  You listened and when it came to an end the crowd were even more silent.  The applauding began again as the crowd stood up cheering you on.  When they sat down you looked around at them and said “You are the sea, you are supportive of me but I am still drowning, I am so scared being here sharing my story with you, cause the gremlins in my head are saying ‘who do you think you are, you are nothing special‘.  The crowd got to their feet and together they chanted “ you are you and you were scared, but you did it anyway and we are going to do the same, so tell us all about it.”

We have listened to stories in fables and tales since we were children.  We read and watch stories on tv and in the cinema.  We are works in progress along with the rest of the human race, working it out as we go along.  We didn’t get an instruction manual on the way in.  We walk a windy path branching off along the way according to hunches, sign-posts and direction we consciously or unconsciously followed.  We have many vulnerable moments that have taught us so much about ourselves.  Whether you go on stage to tell your story in public or not,  you have your own stage and by telling it to yourself you give you the courage to live your life with greater awareness, even more courage and imagination.

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” Steve Jobs

“An artist feels vulnerable to begin with; and yet the only answer is to recklessly discard more armour.” Eric Maisel

“Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among mysteries.”  Theodore Roethke

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” Erich Fromm

“From a real antagonist one gains boundless courage.” Franz Kafka

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Nelson Mandela

“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” Orison Swett Marden

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin

“It is curious, curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare. “Mark Twain

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